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Aria from the Carnegie Hall Debut

Freydís and Gudrid is a narrative opera film from composer and screenwriter Jeffrey Leiser, developed with the support of three cultural grants and a lab residency at the prestigious Guild Hall of East Hampton. The music was recorded with a singing cast of ten and a 16-piece chamber orchestra.

Produced and directed by Jeffrey Leiser, director of photography Samuel Krueger, gaffer/camera operator Mark Pauley and camera operator Joshua F. Leonard, production designer Jennilee Aromando, wardrobe by Lindy Fox, hair and make-up by Giannina Guiterrez, and wardrobe stylist Keturah Thorpe.

Music production team: orchestrator Andrés Soto, conductor Keith Chambers, sound mixer Myles Rodenhouse, piano-vocal reduction Mitchell McCarthy.

Starring Kirsten Chambers and Micaëla Oeste. Supporting: Bray Wilkins, Daniel Klein, Raymon Geis, Samuel Druhora, Bryan G. Davis, Michelle Jennings, Rachel Duval, Flavius Druhora, Luis Ramos, Rachel Yazzie, Leo Kubota, Benairen Kane, and Maggie Hood.     

​​​Vikings attempt to settle in a new world, but are forced to return after one of their own commits sabotage. Back home in Greenland, secrets are exposed and the fate of their settlement rests in the hands of two women: Freydís and Gudrid.


                                                                           Currently in Post-Production