• Premiere for the World Premiere of The Summit Symphony

postponed/cancelled due to covid-19 restrictions.


• Original score/sound design for Chloë Sevigny's new fragrance Little Flower 



A selection from Freydis and Gudrid  (aka Far Travelers)  premiered at Carnegie Hall on October 3, 2019! 

Visions of the Modern Muse II






          • Full 50-MINUTE Freydis and Gudrid Guild Hall Concert now released! Operawire also ran a special article

          • 1 Year Ago I was writing spooky music for an off-Broadway run of Macbeth. I've uploaded all the mains!                                        https://soundcloud.com/jeffre…/…/macbeth-original-score-from

          • Norse sagas and mythology have inspired some of the greatest works of all time, from Wagner’s 'Der Ring des                            Nibelungen' to Tolkien’s 'Lord of the Rings'. What can they offer us today, and why should we pay attention?

          I'm honored to be presenting a special lecture with new excerpts from the Far Travelers Opera (5/1 lab concert) on                      Saturday, October 13th, 7-9pm in Washington D.C. through the American Scandinavian Association! 


          • OPERAWIRE recently published this exclusive interview about Freydis and Gudrid (aka Far Travelers)!

          • The Freydis and Gudrid special concert took place at the Guild Hall of East Hampton through a composer-in-residency

          at the John Drew Theater as part of their JDT Lab Series of developmental works-in-process. 

          • Apocalypsis, a feature film co-produced and featuring an original score by Jeffrey,

          was released on March 20th by INDICAN and STARZ/Anchor Bay on VOD and TV!


          • Check out this awesome MACBETH highlight reel featuring my score! 

          • No Name Theatre Collective presents MACBETH at the Brooklyn Navy Yards (8 Performances, starting October 31st).                    With Original Music + Sound by Jeffrey Leiser.

          • Jeffrey's film compositions for over 30 short films were presented at Marché du Film 2017 (Cannes Film Festival)

          and can be streamed through KINOSCOPE at: https://video.kinoscope.org/v/experimental-films-of-eric-leiser-pt-1/

          • The American-Scandinavian Society awarded Jeffrey's opera FAR TRAVELERS  its 2nd CULTURAL GRANT! 

          • Jeffrey + Eric's new film was included in the major fall exhibition  DREAMLANDS  at the WHITNEY MUSEUM

          • Jeffrey + Eric screened their new feature film  APOCALYPSIS  at the prestigious WEXNER CENTER on November 1st!

          •Radio Nacional de Españabroadcast 'The Summit Symphony' in full on Sat, July 30th and Sun, July 31st! 



          • The AMERICAN-SCANDINAVIAN FOUNDATION awarded Jeffrey a cultural grant for his opera FAR TRAVELERS  

          • The March 2016 issue of GRAMOPHONE MAGAZINE features a composer interview and positive review of The Summit ​.

          • THE SUMMIT  was  positively  reviewed  by the prominent New York-based e-magazine I Care If You Listen

​          • An overture of THE SUMMIT  created for CLASSIC fm was broadcast in February 2016.

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